“The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money…Liberty cannot be established without morality, nor morality without faith,” – Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America, 1835

A few years ago while traveling and ministering in Cuba, I had to endure a propaganda filled, one hour lecture on the glories of Marxist socialism from the government’s Minister of Religion. As I walked out onto the town square, a diminutive Cuban came peddling his rusty bicycle selling pasteles (cookies) that were stacked in a screened box atop the rear wheel. Since I had been a good boy, I felt I deserved a cookie.

My Cuban friend and guide cautioned me not to expect too much. He proved to be right. The cookie tasted more like 80 pound offset printing paper than a fresh baked cookie. My friend informed me further, “You just bought a cookie from the Cuban government. Remember, the little man on the bicycle does not own anything. His bike and cookie box are not his. They are the property of the ‘people.’ He gets $20 per month whether or not he sells anything. You’re in a socialist country now.”

The lesson applies to America Votes 2020. Dating back to Tocqueville, historians have observed three outstanding fundamental values that have made America good and great: Christianity (Judeo-Christian ethics), our Constitution (and accompanying Bill of Rights), and Capitalism (with free enterprise and an incentivized work force.) Beginning with our nation’s framers, prayers to God for help are part of the warp and woof of our very fabric.

Pray that liberty will triumph over socialism. The eminent sociologist and diplomat Tocqueville traveled and studied American greatness. Even in 1835 he noted the difference between the North and the South. The New England and Atlantic states were thriving in the Industrial Revolution. He wrote that this novel capitalism depended on a paid, productive, incentivized work force. However “the South is still asleep,” he wrote. Capitalism was largely missing in the South. It could not thrive alongside Southern slavery. The South would remain undercapitalized as long as slavery existed. Slavery presented no incentive, no liberty.

Neither will socialism work in America. The man who peddles cookies for $20 per month is presented with no incentive. Socialism has to be enforced through total control. Otherwise a black market emerges as people eagerly demand consumer goods. Traveling in Cuba, we were often stopped at roadblocks and our ride thoroughly searched for black market purchases.

When we wanted to visit the Cuban beach, we had to go to the Office of Travel and get in line to buy a permit to visit the Caribbean beachfront park. Most Cubans were refused permission to enjoy this beautiful place. It was created to bring in cash revenue from Europe and North America. Poor, broke Cubans need not apply.

So please get out and vote to protect Christianity, the Constitution, and Capitalism. I’ve traveled too much in the Old Soviet Eastern Bloc nations like Czechoslovakia, Poland, and Romania to have any taste for godless Marxism. It does not work anywhere! It won’t work here. Make sure you know who and what you vote for.


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