Expanding Christ’s Kingdom in our Local Community and the World.

Mountain Creek Church supports over 40 ministries both locally and around the world. We do this because we firmly believe that our prayer should be partnered together with strategic and bold mission outreach. At the core of our values, we unwaveringly hold fast the conviction to obey the Great Commission given us by Jesus.


International Missions Ministries

Shepherd Springs
Jim & Lynette Mackey

Light of Life International
Stephen & Alisa Evans
Central America

AG World Mission
Ann Dimond

Comm. To Every Nation
Joshua & Tania Turner
Brazilian Amazon

Foundation Ministries
Rene & Elizabeth Brown
Kenya, Nigeria

Grace International
Jacob & Katie Collins
Peruvian Amazon

Tom Walsh
Mexico, Israel, Venezuela

Vanessa Lim
Japan Missions

Tom Oothuppan
India Missions

Asa Guripira
Apostle to Africa

Mario Ducic
Church in Croatia Assisting With Ukraine Refugees

Cry of the Heart Ministries
Steven Velenchik

Messianic Jewish & Middle Eastern Ministries

Maoz Ministries
Ari & Shira Sorko Ram

Zion Faith
Ofer Amatai

Tikkun International
Dan & Patricia Juster

Rapha Mission
Suleman & Tina Manzoor

Jewish Voice Ministries
Jonathan Bernis
Worldwide Jewish Outreach

Restoration From Zion

Dan Juster

Israel Ministries

International Christian Embassy

Bible Translation Ministries

Wycliffe International
Robert & Verna Stutzman

Wycliffe International
Lucy Peal

Wycliffe International
Lon & Louise Diehl

Evangel Bible Translators
Lovie Phillips

Home Missions

His Hands Extended
Delbra Stevens
Dallas, Texas

Straight Street
Tom Whittaker
Cedar Hill, Texas

Care Center Ministries
Eldred & Jean M Sawyer
Dallas, Texas

Christ For the Nations
Bible School and International Ministries

Doulos Ministries
Gary & Judy Osborn
Local Churches and Mexico

Edward Smith
Chaplain to Police and EMT in DFW

NU Life Ministry
Cookie Rodriguez
Inner City Ministry to at-risk Youth

Prestonwood Pregnancy Center
Pro-Life Ministry

United Cry
Lewis & Rachel Hogan
Prayer Ministry for our Nation

Hispanic Action Network
Mark Gonzalezs
Hispanic Outreach

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Dan Noah
High School Athlete Ministry

Ian & Cate Storbakken
Preparing for International Missions

Nick Novello
Prison Ministry

Scott Hinkel Outreach Ministries
Street Evangelism and Training

Freedom Outreach
Mel Gibson