Every SATURDAY* from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM; in the World Prayer Center we have Healing Teams to pray for your physical needs. No appointment is necessary. First come, first served.

Led by experienced Prayer Ministers. Please arrive a little early as we will begin promptly at 1:00 PM

Healing Testimonies

A woman with pain in her abdomen received prayer in the Healing Room and was so happy when she came back to the Prayer Room. She said, “I’m smiling!” She left, but returned after a few minutes saying excitedly that the pain was completely gone and she wanted to tell us before she left. Thank You Jesus!

A man came in with neuropathy, numbness, tingling, in his hand and fingers. After prayer from a Healing Team, he still had some symptoms when he left. But after a couple of weeks he reported that the Lord had totally freed him of that condition! Hallelujah, God is so GOOD!!!

One woman came out of the Healing Room glowing and happy. She said that God gave her exactly the right Team and He had also given them experience and discernment in the issues she faced. She said they were “awesome!” She felt she got physical healing of her body (post- surgery) and was also set free from stress and anxiety. God is good!

A man returned to the Healing Room one Saturday to give his Praise Report. In his original session, about a month prior to his return, he had come for prayer for anxiety and depression over a sexual addiction. He gave a testimony of his process of Deliverance from this addiction through the ministry “Celebrate Recovery,” but also wanted to let us know of the success God gave him through our Ministry of overcoming anxiety and depression! He said he had again received wonderful prayer here and felt good! Thank you Holy Spirit for once again manifesting Your healing power!

One of the more common conditions addressed in the Healing Room is fear (also called worry, stress and anxiety). This occurs for a variety of reasons but has been found to be both a common cause of physical or emotional infirmity and a hindrance to healing. After prayer and deliverance we have seen dozens of people afflicted with this leave smiling, set free and grateful to the Lord! Thanks to Him for the solutions set forth in His Word.

A woman came two weeks ago for prayer to stand in for her brother who was comatose with late stage cancer.  He lives out of state.  The doctors had given up treatment.  She excitedly reported to us later that her brother was now conscious, talking and the doctors are resuming his treatment!  Praise the Lord!
We had three women who came for prayer for family relations issues.  All were delivered from fear and anxiety and left with renewed hope.

A woman came in for prayer who had been experiencing a certain type of fear for years. The fear caused her to twist and injure her knee in a situation that was frightening to her. She came in on one crutch. After deliverance from a spirit of fear she commented that her knee already felt better. We then prayed for her knee. She still was limping but was able to walk out much improved without using her crutch. She joyfully left and will continue walking out her healing until it is complete! God is good!

A man came up to Joseph and Mary in a restaurant and said he was healed! He came four months ago for prayer for his foot. He lost his job because he could not stand on his foot and could not get another job because of it. He received prayer for his foot and for a new job in a Group Session. He happily reported that after prayer his foot was totally healed and the Lord also brought him a good job working in media. His job requires him to travel to L.A. often and ALL of his expenses are paid! The Lord does it in a grand way!

A woman in the Group Session related that she had been to our Healing Room at another time and got prayer for stroke symptoms – slurred speech, left cheek impaired and problems walking with one of her legs. She said that after the prayer she was completely HEALED! Speech, cheek and walking now normal! Others in the group were delivered from a spirt of fear and three people said they could really tell a difference. Thank You Jesus!

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