Our wellspring of faith is hope. Hope and con”dence come from being in the presence of the Lord. When we hear His eternal word, we gain courage to press on into the destiny God has for our lives.

Think of Abraham. Through persistent prayer, he birthed a nation. Think of Hannah. Her prayer birthed the mighty prophet Samuel. Daniel’s prayers prepared the way for Jerusalem to be restored after 70 years of Jewish captivity in Babylon. Elijah’s prayers brought rain after three years of drought! All these Biblical heroes prayed in hope even in the midst of great trials.

Hope sees the unseen. Faith then pursues and lays hold of the invisible, until it becomes visible. A well $ows from the bottom upwards. From the invisible depths, refreshing comes. So also God’s kingdom moves like $owing water from the invisible to the visible. From vague to vital. Our prayers make the difference.

We must learn to walk by faith, to see through the eyes of hope.

Then we shall learn to flow with God’s divine plan for our lives. Pray. Pray daily. Pray in faith believing. The effective fervent prayers of righteous people bring the needed changes in our lives and our world.



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