Revival: The Imperishable Seed Suddenly Blooms

Revival: The Imperishable Seed Suddenly Blooms


For you have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God.” -1 Peter 1:23

Every preacher of the Word and pastor of disciples faces the frustration of questions about the seed of God’s Word. After all they have sown, where is the harvest?

Where are those people we have sown into and poured out our lives for? Our congregations would be vastly larger if some of those we have helped, taught, prayed over till we got answers, helped through dark valleys, and fed daily came back around to show their thanks. “The sower went forth to sow.” Did that sower wonder about the harvest?

Here is one answer you can count on. This spring Prayer Mountain was painted a brilliant blue by the thousands of Texas Bluebonnets that bloomed in April. Due to the abundant spring rains, the wildflower patches were bigger and fuller than previous years. The seeds which finally germinated this month have lain dormant in the dusty ground for at least the past two years. The drought deprived them of needed moisture. Those tiny bluebonnet seeds looked like a speck of gravel lying in the dirt. When the rains came, they came to life. Everywhere there were bright blue meadows of fragrant blooms.

As the Spirit rains down in fulfillment of the Word “first the natural and then the spiritual” the imperishable Word takes root. People who have the Word in them will begin to respond. Many have the Word but do not attend any church. They will be drawn into the move of God.

The seed of the Word is enduring. It will have its effect. It is living seed, awaiting the outpouring of God’s Spirit. Our part is to pray fervently. Only with passion and concern can we draw in the lost. “They that sow in tears will reap in joy,” is the promise of Psalm 126. That promise should provoke us to pray with increased intensity.

Nothing is too hard for God. Christ Jesus will be exalted in this last days revival. Count on it. It’s beginning to rain.


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