There is a valuable “”first love” to our relationship with Christ. However, it can be lost–just as first love can be lost in a marriage. I have seen how people have experienced a genuine, transforming encounter with the Lord Jesus. The relationship is the chief thing. It is the center, the very source of joy.

Unfortunately, with time religion often takes the place of relationship. Life becomes a matter of habits, rituals, and the same old routine. People get used to it all. Bored. The same patterns can be traced from “”rst love” courtship into marriage. The loss of passion is an indicator of loss in the relationship.

Relationship is the main thing. Knowing Christ is far more important than doing works for Him. Because we are privileged to know Him, we get to participate in His work. But remember–works are no substitute for knowing Him. Whatever level we have attained in life needs to be counted as loss for the excellent opportunity of knowing Christ. As someone has said, “The opportunity of a lifetime must be entered into in the lifetime of the opportunity.” The prophet Isaiah exhorted, “Seek the Lord while He may be found.

Call upon Him while He is near.” (55:6)

Now is the time to worship Him, to seek Him, and to know Him. If not now, when? Please don’t

wait until it is too late.



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