“I will bless those that bless you and whoever curses you I will curse: and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” Genesis 12:3 NIV

Today let us pray that Mr. Obama might learn from the example of former President Truman the importance of standing with Israel. Pray that he comes to understand God’s prophetic plan to make Jerusalem “the joy of the whole earth.” Psalm 48:2

Truman became President upon the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Today few U S Presidents are held in as high esteem historically, regardless of political persuasion, as Harry S. Truman. This straight forward national leader whose motto was “The Buck Stops Here” played a vital role in quickly concluding World War II when he took office. Even as he celebrated the Allied victory, he was already planning a big-hearted rebuilding of war ravaged nations. This same caring President also favored support for a Jewish homeland, especially as the horrors of the Holocaust came to light. He pulled rank on his intractable Secretary of State George Marshall by ordering him to the United Nations to vote approval for the UN resolution to establish Israel as a nation. Harry Truman’s decision was history changing.

It would be good if Truman could be here today to advise Obama of the fact that Israel really matters to God. He would certainly warn this President not to throw Israel under the bus merely to appease Iran and the anti-Semitic liberals on America’s campuses. Even though Harry Truman is no longer here, the effect of his decisive stand remains. Pray that the present administration will learn from their famous Democratic predecessor: Israel matters!

Prayer: Lord, in Proverbs 21:1 Your Word informs us that “The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord.” We pray You will do a work in President Obama’s heart. Turn his heart to be supportive of Israel, to be a friend of Israel’s leadership.

Lord, You love all peoples. You love the Arab people who call themselves Palestinians. It is a matter, not of favoritism, but as a point of order that you have chosen Zion as a dwelling place, in order to bless all nations. Israel is such a tiny part of the Middle East real estate, but it is crucial to God’s divine plan. Protect her right to exist as an island of democracy in a sea of despotic leaders.

We pray that America will continue to be a partner in safeguarding Israel’s existence. Your Word promises in Psalm 121:4, “He who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.” Watch over Israel, we pray. Safeguard her. Lord, bless our nation with leaders who understand this exceptional relationship. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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