Night Song

You shall have a song as in the night when a holy festival is kept, and gladness of heart as when one goes with a flute to come into the mountain of the Lord, to the Mighty One of Israel. Isaiah 30:29

“Anyone can sing when the sun’s shining bright, But you need a song in your heart at night.” Ira Stanphill
“Like to the lark at break of day arising, sings hymns at Heaven’s gate…” from Shakespeare’s Sonnet 29

The most comforting Bible theme is that of the ultimate triumph of our individual faith in God’s great faithfulness. Against the backdrop of the realities of life’s dark moments, the knowledge that God is still working to make bad things work for our good is the source of our hope and comfort.

We still remember Job who lived thousands of years ago because when he had suffered terrible loss, “he fell to the ground and worshipped.” (Job 1:20) Furthermore “in all this Job did not sin nor charge God with wrong.” (vs. 22)

In the challenges while building Prayer Mountain Dallas, we sometimes passed through the dark night of the soul. We faced opposition, sedition, were blindsided and forsaken. But we never suffered loss without sensing the closeness of the Lord. We can testify, “Never forsaken though often cast down.” Those words, probably borrowed by Paul from the Greek athletic arena, simply mean: “Often knocked down. Never counted out!” (2 Corinthians 4:9)

This New Testament message of the cross is anathema to pagan religions The thought that a great and awesome God would suffer with us mortals, feel our pain, and identify with us is not easy for pagans to grasp. The cross is the core of the gospel. Today the proof that God has empathy for us through Christ Jesus is evident. For the cross, the cruelest of instruments of torture, has now come to be the ultimate symbol of aid and comfort.

We may walk through the darkest of nights. But we will never walk alone. That is why we can sing. God is working even when we cannot see how. Dawn is breaking.


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