Bringing the Harvest of Souls

Bringing the Harvest of Souls

As the Missions Pastor at Mountain Creek Church I reflect often on the reason we support Missions. Is it to follow the Great Commission and go into all the nations preaching the Gospel? Is it because the needs of the poor and hungry pull at our heartstrings and scream for social justice? Could it be we living in a modern society with all its luxuries simply feel guilty? Surely, all these are somehow apart of the process.

I also often reflect on the methodology of Missions in the Church. Do we actually reach more by increasing the number of countries we support? Would it be better to simply focus on a few and pour out all our resources to those for the Kingdom? All these questions certainly have proponents and objectors; more is less, giving less to the many reaches more.
Honestly, what is the cry of the Fathers heart. “It is simply that none should perish but all come the saving knowledge of His son Jesus Christ!” The Churches role is simply to get the message out, to give account for what we believe to all who will listen. The word says to “Ask for the nations as an inheritance”. The word nations are the Ethnos…. the people groups not modern day borders which we ascribe the term countries.

Those of us who have been revived, transformed into the Kingdom of Light from the Kingdom of Darkness should not keep the Good News to ourselves. The book of James says that “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of Lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.” God gives us the power of his perfect gift, the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will glorify the son Jesus Christ wherever we take Him.

Walking in His presence is all we need to share the Great Commission. We have the Good News of eternal life and everyone deserves to hear it at least once in there lifetime.


Pastor Carey Rholdon


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