Page_ourhistory_graphicMountain Creek Community Church was founded in 1985 by Robert and JoAn Summers, It is close to international missions training schools and Bible colleges. It is known as a strong missions and compassion oriented congregation. The church campus is a favorite meeting place for Christians of all denominations. Its gates and Prayer Center are open from 8 am to 10 pm daily. Church staff members are always present, along with security on the premises. Thousands of Believers from nations around the world have prayed here. Many well-known, respected Christian leaders have ministered here.
The church facilities sit atop Prayer Mountain. The high hill is a forested nature preserve. The Big Cedar Wilderness Trails are North Texas’ premier mountain biking destination. The 17 miles of trails are developed and expertly maintained by DORBA (Dallas Off Road Bicycle Association.)
You are always welcome to come visit our services, relax on the scenic grounds, picnic, or pray. Our close proximity to Dallas Baptist University and Christ for the Nations Institute also makes us a favorite gathering place for college students who come to study or to pray. Anyone who hungers for God will find this a place of His presence. We have a special burden and esteem for the entire Body of Christ. So please do come by for a time of fellowship. You will find a friendly welcome.