A bride’s wedding day should be one of the happiest days of her life.

Reality check. A bride is often so stressed, so tired, so overwhelmed that she barely remembers the vows. She just wants to get through the day without tripping over the ten foot train of her veil. Get her guy. Get through the reception. Then get some rest!

Why does this happen? Because the “wedding industry” of today has dictated that she must plan an event so spectacular that all of social media will o-o-h and a-a-h and keep reposting the pictures of her triumph. A perfect Pinterest event!
Therefore, she spends thousands of dollars on a wedding dress. Thousands more on a special venue. Thousands more to give a sumptuous dinner to all her invited guests. Then winds up exhausted and in debt to begin her marriage.

A friend of mine once commented as we entered a gorgeous hotel ballroom for a bride’s reception, “Whatever happened to cake and punch at the church fellowship hall?” Yes, indeed. That wedding must have cost over $25,000. Sadly, that marriage didn’t last five years.

A wedding is first of all a covenant.

A time when a man and woman stand before God and witnesses to pledge their lives to each other forever, “till death do us part.” A divine promise. The best place for a covenant to be sealed is in a dedicated house of worship, a church. A place of prayer and sacrifice and dedication.

Yet today “destination weddings” have become the focal point of a marriage ceremony. What is the coolest venue? A beach? A barn? A ship? Where is the spiritual heart in all this? Have you even asked the Lord about the best place for Him to bless you and your groom? Think about it. Your wedding venue is the place where you will make a covenant with your God and your husband.

Brides, if you want your marriage to last, then plan to make your ceremony an event dedicated to the Lord. Keep God at the center of your union from the very beginning. It is difficult to blend two lives into one, even if you are totally in love. God’s grace is needed to overcome the first year trials. And you certainly should not start that first year with thousands of dollars of wedding debt hanging over your heads.

Be wise in planning this special event. Surround yourself with family and friends. They are your support system for the coming years. They will rejoice with you and love you and pray for you. The Lord will be pleased that you have put Him at the center of your covenant. He is faithful. He will keep your hearts and minds faithful to each other throughout your lives. Marriage in Him grows sweeter with each passing year.


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