The Hidden Importance of Your Mission

We are at war with dangerous forces of evil. In wartime, valuable military assets are secretly concealed from view. Critical intelligence is always encrypted.

Your mission is more important than you know. It may appear small and inconsequential. Yet it is probably of greater importance than you could ever perceive. This will help you understand its strategic place in God’s economy.

First, God’s ways are profoundly mysterious. He conceals his moves. He shrouds his assets in secrecy. For instance, the activities he set in motion in little Bethlehem’s absurdly small manger were infinitely more important than the big time plans pompously executed in Herod’s castle. The babe in the manger was God’s stealth maneuver. Appearance would not betray God’s eternally important move. The feed trough was an effective, clever camouflage.

romans1A Christian woman carrying a letter from Corinth to Rome from a man named Paul to a group of underground house church Believers would raise no flags in the enemy’s intelligence agency. Today we have Phoebe to thank for that Roman letter. Obviously she never knew how important that document courier mission was. Really. She could not have predicted its role in nation changing. Nor its part in the Reformation.

The hinge of fate may rest upon your efforts. What appears to be a common, garden variety of work will someday transform into a crucial weapon in the hands of the Lord. This is the natural operating procedure of the Holy Spirit. Bible history bears me out of this truth. Read it for yourself. Start with a guy called to build an ark without a boat kit. Read about a solitary Bedouin shepherd named Abram. Your calling is just as important. Even if it is hidden.

“God is great, and we know him not.” -Job 36:26

“His way are beyond finding out!” -Romans 11:33


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