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Me The Flunkie by Robert Andrew Summers $4.99 E-Book Only
In the autumn of 1965, a unique educational study was launched. This book is a journey into the off-balance upside-down world of the true "flunkie". These papers were written by twenty-three hand-picked students who had a long history of failure. Their writings will draw you into their world of hilarity on one hand and heartbreak on the other. Most suffered awesome mental blocks and intense emotional problems. Understanding these students was my greatest task. This in-depth classroom program explored the thought process of the drop-out problem children, what hindered their learning, and what would eventually be needed to motivate them. The findings of the study became invaluable information for yet another new project: Job Corps.

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If The Mountain Could Speak by Robert Summers $15
God gave a vision to Robert And JoAn Summers to build a prayer center, an all nations, citywide hour of prayer on the highest hilltop overlooking Dallas. How He led them to accomplish this is a surprising story full of miracles and mystery.

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Living Promises by JoAn Summers $12
Did you know that there is a whole treasury full of promises for your life? These precious promises can be found throughout God's word. Learn how to find the promise you need. Then begin to declare His own words over your situation. There are 850 specific promises for you contained in this book. They will cover all your life needs: your spiritual life, your emotional needs, your daily life, your eternal life, and your destiny. When you pray, speak God's specific words back to Him. You will find faith rising in your heart to see His benefits flow into your life.
Keepers of the Treasure by JoAn Summers $12
Create a Godly Heritage. God wants to entrust you with life's greatest treasures. This book empowers women to: 1) see clearly in a distorted world, 2) blend strengths and weaknesses in marriage, 3) provide consistent, loving care for children, 4) remain gracious under pressure, 5) enjoy God-ordained intimacy, 6) enhance beauty of the home, and 7) discover the treasure of each family's heritage.
What I Tell My Sons by Jim Mackey $12
What I Tell My Sons is a must read for men and women alike who are serious about finding and embracing God's life and God's nature, then submerging their own life and nature into His. From a true spiritual father's heart comes comforting wisdom, challenging insights, straightforward counsel and encouraging dialogue. This book is easy to read. It is not easy to forget.
Fruitbasket Fun by JoAn Summers with Rod Butler $10