Latest Past Events

Healing Room

Prayer Room - Prayer Mountain Dallas 5950 Eagle Ford Drive, Dallas

Trained Healing Ministers will pray for your physical needs. They pray according to principles in the Scriptures to set people free from sickness and disease. Our ministers will address common blocks or hindrances are addressed that might keep people from receiving their healing. Join us every Saturday in the World Prayer Room.

Young Adults

Healing Room at Prayer Mountain

The purpose of the Young adult ministry is to equip and empower young adults through worship, teaching and preaching of the Word of God to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit in their daily lives. These ministry meets every Thursday, 6 pm in the Healing Room Fore information, please contact Stefan or Robyn at (469) 618-2600

Youth Night!

The Summit at Prayer Mountain 5950 Eagle Ford Drive, Dallas

MT Youth is not your every day youth group. It is much more than a fun environment. It is much more than a social activity. This youth group is a place where God encounters His children. Over the years, this ministry has seen students who had no prior church background encounter Jesus and enter into a lifelong personal relationship with Him. We have seen those who have been discipled go on to make disciples wherever God places them through student-led ministries. More than all of this, we have seen a group of friends truly become a family. We want nothing more than to invite you into our family, and to see this generation impacted by the power and love of Jesus Christ. Join us Wednesday Nights, 07 to 8:30 PM, the Summit Building