The prize in life belongs not to the brightest and best, nor to the swiftest. It belongs to the one who endures. It belongs to the one who never gives up. The strength to go the distance comes from the Lord. Neither talent nor personality wins the race. Prayer does. Prayer brings us into a discipline where we can “nd that His mercies are new every morning.

An old song about prayer had these lyrics: “Gaining new power to run in the race, I love to be shut in with God.” Time in the secret place with our Lord gives us the strength to continue running our specific race.

I have never met a praying person who was a quitter. There are times all of us are tempted to give us. But if we look to the Lord, He will give us grace and strength to continue. Just keep on keeping on. Prayer develops faith like a mustard seed. The tiny seed begins so small, yet it just keeps growing and growing.

My friends, I pray you will run to win! Run well and “nish well. The Lord is your helper.

And your prayers will determine your victory.

Grace and peace,


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