Years ago I taught high school in Woodforest, one of Houston’s better neighborhoods. Just down the road a mile or so was a rough neighborhood of shabby bungalows. This area was called Cloverleaf. But there were no four-leaf clovers found in that poor patch.

The irony is that the teens from Woodforest drove to school in shiny new Mustangs, Cameros, and Chargers while the Cloverleaf kids walked or drove jalopies and beat up pickup trucks. But the youth with high dollar transportation were no happier than the poor ones. The reason was ingratitude.

The lack of gratitude is epidemic in this present time. A healthy heart is a heart of gratitude. A good attitude is one of gratitude. Jesus once healed ten lepers. (Luke 1712) But only one returned to thank Him. Jesus spoke to this one grateful, healed leper, declaring, “Your faith has made you whole.” The Lord’s pronouncement implies that the man was entirely made well, body, soul, and spirit.

He found a level of wellness the other ungrateful lepers did not find.

If you seek peace and wholeness today, check your gratitude level. You have so much for which to be grateful. Did you wake up today in your right mind? Can you walk without crutches? Do you have food? Shelter? Health? A job?

Listen to the birds. Join them as they give thanks for the sunshine and the wonderful day. Above all, be grateful for your salvation and for the love of God.



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