The home groups at Mt Creek Church are identified as H.O.P.E. groups.  That stands for Home Open for Prayer and Encouragement.  Why are these important?  We feel that the small group setting allows for closer fellowship, friendship and bonding.

It allows each person to feel more connected to the body at Mt Creek.  If we check out the early church we will find they were “house” churches because the only “church” buildings were the Jewish Synagogues.

The new christian folks were not allowed there, nor did they want to attend there.  The home afforded a very intimate setting for worship, teaching, prayer and encouragement.  I am sure they also shared meals together.

If you need help to connect please email

Ron and Janet Syrcle’s Home

8707 Wood Homestead Dr
Dallas, TX 75249

(972) 768-5100

Boyd and Linda Wise
(214)-868-3679 (Boyd)
These meetings are both held the 3rd Sunday of each month at 6 p.m.